The Restaurant Casa da Morna & Semba offers you the possibility of dinner with your group of friends in group dinners (a minimum of 20 elements). So you can taste the famous African food among friends.


With the recent changes in our facilities, we can now rely on all the quality that you were used in a much wider and airy space. In this way the restaurant has become the ideal place for holding events such as group dinners, birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties and more!


Bring your group of friends and savor what the African gastronomy has best to offer. A space dedicated to music and gastronomy, your group dinner will be the best ever!


Group dinners with live music in Lisbon are in Casa da Morna & Semba!


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Rua Cozinha Económica 11
1300-149 LISBOA
( Alcântara )
213 621 169