Founded in 2004, by the Cape Verdean singer Tito Paris, the restaurant Casa da Morna & Semba, located in Alcântara (Lisbon), surprises with an African food of quality. Always accompanied by live music that reminds the African landscapes.


This restaurant has become a reference within the African restaurants and Cape Verdeans in Lisbon. Later, the management changed but the quality remained as good or better. In 2015 by the need to improve the quality of the facilities, the restaurant Casa da Morna & Semba moved its facilities to a new space. This also in Alcantara offers our customers a wider and airy ambience that invites you to enjoy the music in another way. 


As one of the most respected African food restaurants in Lisbon, we put at your disposal all the food quality of the African continent, which leads to the Restaurant Casa da Morna & Semba to be recognized for its quality and African flavors and sounds.

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Casa da Morna & Semba
Casa da Morna & Semba
Casa da Morna & Semba
Casa da Morna & Semba
Casa da Morna & Semba
Casa da Morna & Semba


With the recent changes our restaurant keeps all the quality that our customers are used and has become an ideal place for holding party and anniversary dinners. Come to the restaurant Casa da Morna and Semba and treat yourself to the African and Cape Verdean gastronomy!


Among many other African food dishes, the restaurant Casa da Morna & Semba is recognized for his dish of Cachupa. That accompanied by daily concerts, means that this African cuisine dish has even more flavor.


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Rua Cozinha Económica 11
1300-149 LISBOA
( Alcântara )
213 621 169